May Favourites 2020

Boho Vegan Cosmetics Mermaid Dreams Whipped Body Wash

I recently discovered Boho Vegan Cosmetics on Instagram, the vibrant colours and unique scents drew me to the brand. I picked up a couple of the body washes including Mermaid Dreams. It has such a lovely, fresh and energising scent. It's a great body wash, it's whipped formula makes it feel super luxurious and it feels like a dream on the skin! Not to mention the products are handmade, vegan and cruelty free! As you can see from the photo, I ended up using all of it because it's that good!

Teapigs Pure Organic Premium Matcha Powder

Since the lockdown began, I've become very used to making my own Matcha lattes and I have been using this powder to do so. It came in a Matcha starter kit along with an electric whisker and measuring spoon for the Matcha. The powder itself is quite nice, it works very well when creating Matcha lattes/iced lattes. I would definitely suggest it if you are just getting into Matcha!

Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Moisturiser

If you like a facial moisturiser that's creamy and feels very luxurious then this is the one for you! It is cruelty free and paraben free! It virtually glides on the skin and keeps my skin moisturised for hours without feeling greasy. You don't need a lot with this moisturiser, a few dabs here and that will be enough. It's a brilliant product to include in your morning routine. They recently released a Vegan Milk cleanser that I'm looking forward to trying as well!

The Positivity Package Subscription

Theres a new subscription on the block! If you follow me on Instagram and caught up with my last few posts then you will know that I have been raving about a new subscription called The Positivity Package. I thought this was a lovely idea especially given the current circumstances, it's a lovely concept for gifting to someone or even a treat to yourself to add a bit of positivity and make you smile.

Pocky Sakura & Matcha Edition

Mostly anything that has Matcha in it, I'm pretty much down to try. I've seen a lot of Sakura snacks floating around recently online and when I saw one that was mixed with Matcha, I had to try it! The floral taste of Sakura and the uniquely earthy taste of Matcha go quite well together.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

A lightweight cleanser that I like to use morning and night. It's quite calming on the skin and I like the cooling effect it gives me whilst using it. It has cucumber extract which helps to rejuvenate my skin and it also reduces redness on my skin.

So that's it for my May favourites, let me know in the comments what your favourites were or even link your own May favourites blog post! I would love to know what you have enjoyed this month!

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